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On August 8, 2015, we, Grace Alive Ministries, launched our “$60,000 in 60 Days” campaign. We knew it was crazy, but we simply had crazy faith that it was going to happen. So many people sowed into us via PayPal, GoFundMe, hand delivered/mailed donations and our coffee/tea campaign. The amount of love and support was overwhelming and we are so very appreciative. Well, as you know, the 60 day mark was on October 6, 2015 and unfortunately, we didn’t raise $60,000 in 60 days…….we raised $73,000 in 31 days!! Since that time we’ve just been waiting to actually take possession of the promise that the Lord had given. Well, I am pleased to announce that on TODAY, November 9, 2015, Grace Alive Ministries now OWNS our new temple. All the glory and praise belongs to God, for without him this would not have been possible. Again, we say thank you, thank you and thank you to everyone that believed in and sowed into us.

Now that we have crossed the Jordan, the real work begins. The Jericho Walls of renovation must come down!!

The Lord promised “Excessive Kindness and Excessive Blessings” to anyone that sowed into what he wanted. So, if you desire to partner with the Lord you can help us with Phase 2, “Operation Renovation”.

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